Manuel's artwork appearing on this website is by no means a comprehensive body of his life's work. Most of his artwork is out there in the world, hanging in private homes, galleries and museums, being enjoyed by its owners. A lot of it was photographed before sale, release or donation, but circumstances didn't allow for all of it to be properly recorded.

Some of Manuel's later works appearing on this site were digitally photographed, but the earlier works were extracted from slide photos taken by my Dad and archived away. And since slides eventually degrade and accumulate dust, restoring them to their full glory was a painstaking effort that on a part-time basis took a few years.

An incredible number of people have contacted us off this site, inquiring about Manuel and his art. They have included fellow professors, former students, and most inspiringly of all--the second generation of owners who have inherited his works. I want to THANK YOU ALL not just for contributing to this site, but mostly for the kind words offered for my Dad.

We tell him about each and every one of you, which always brought a smile to his face.

Thanks for visiting and "Fight On",